Add bullets to "debut" theme's "rich text section" not the main editor?

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Hi All,

I can't seem to add bullets to the rich text "section" within the Debut theme. The rich text "editor" is working just fine for regular pages though. Any code that can be added to fix this?



Any help is appreciated.


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I have this same issue. I have been searching for hours to try and figure out how to fix it.  This is my first site with Shopify. I've developed sites for many years. What should be simple is feeling impossible. Is there some trick to getting more options in the button list for the rich text?  Notice in the OP's screen shot - there is only blood, italic, and link available. I only have these same options.

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I faced the exact same problem, which is what lead me to this post. I did manage to find a solution, which I thought I'd share here. 

Instead of using the "Rich Text Block", try using the "Custom Content" block. One of the content blocks there is custom HTML - you can add lists using simple HTML like <ul> and <li> . 

Just remember to wrap your html in a <div class> with the class name corresponding to some of the other elements on your page, so it will have the same look and feel. 

Here is an example: 

<div class="rte rte-setting featured-row__subtext">
Hello World</p>

<li> List One </li>

<li>List Two</li>

<li>List Three</li>

<li>List Four</li>

<li>List Five</li>
Hope that helps!
Just add your stuff as HTML, wrapped in the div with the appropriate class name


You can find the class name of the section you like by inspecting your existing page's other sections with your browser's "Inspect" option. 


Hope that helps!