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I am working on adding some new products to our website, but I DO NOT want these visable on our site or visible to search engines until I choose to allow them to be. Previously I thought their was an option that said publish but this seems to be gone. How do I ensure that my new unreleased products do not show up on my site or are crawled by search engines?



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Hey, Matt!

My name is Alex, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

No problem at all, you can add products without having them appear on your store!  That's located within your product pages - navigate to the product that you'd like to hide, and at the upper right of the page you'll see a Sales Channel box.  Click on manage there, and you'll be able to change what sales channels your product is published to (if any)!  There's more details on that in our product details guide, and it's also an option when creating new products!

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


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Hi, somehow related question;
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