Add stock location ID to product

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I have just migrated my old Magento 1.9 store to Shopify as I fancied a bit more of a hands off experience, am enjoying it so far. One thing though I need to work out and can't seem to find reference to anywhere is how to handle stock location.


I run a small shop from home, and I have all my stock in different shelving units, for example my Acme Red Small Widgets sit in unit B4, the Acme Blue Large Widgets are in unit C8.


Now when I had my Magento store I wrote my own backend that pulled orders from it, and put it in an admin that told me for each order where to find the stock. SO if I had a order for Acme Red Small Widgets it would tell me they are in unit B4.


So I would like for Shopify to do this, hopefully from within the Shopify admin so I can kill my custom written admin and don't have to adapt it to shopify orders. However not sure how best to go about this.


I can import all the locations from my current system as they will match via the SKUs, whether through the API or a CSV but wondered if someone has done this before (can't imagine they haven't) and what they use.