Add time restriction/limit to items in cart and clear cart after 20 minutes

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I’m wanting to add a time restriction/limit to the amount of time items are available for purchase in my customers cart. At the end of the 20 or 30 minutes, I’d like the cart to automatically clear. Can this be done? We have both products and services on our website, and some services are getting double booked due to the no time restriction. We’re currently using Sesami for our bookings, and I’ve had to disable the abandoned cart emails to help combat the double bookings. I know I can go to Sesami and they implement some code, but I’d like to do this as well.
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Ideally the booking app does this. This is so that when other customers are looking at the availability of the services the time slot is taken 'off the shelf' while the reservation is active. We have it built in to our booking App (BookThatApp) specifically for this reason (i.e. to avoid over-bookings). When the reservation expires you can configure it to clear the cart, or try to book it again for the same time. There are also a number of edge case scenarios you need to cover off (some of it covered in our documentation) if you are trying to build this yourself so I wouldn't recommend that.


HTH, Gavin.