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Hi all,

I wanted to add a link to tracking number to the My Account page, so that when my customers log into their account, they'd be able to track order status of all of their orders from there. The idea would be similar to the "Track my package" link on your Amazon account.

Is there a way to modify the code to show this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi there Yin!

Don here from Shopify. :)

I've checked in with our theme specialists here who confirmed that this level of customisation would require the services of a Shopify Expert Designer to put in place.

There are a couple of Experts that specialise in theme-related projects like HeyCarson or TaskHuskythat you can check out for this task.

The information on tracking etc. would also already be display on the order confirmation page for your customers.

Just reach out to any of the Experts linked above to start working out how you might best be able to put this in place for your store. :)

All the best!


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You can try an app like Shipment Tracking and Notify app. The app automatically send email notifications to your customers, every time there is a change in the tracking status.


Also, the app helps to make order tracking a part of your online store with an integrated "Track Your Order" page, from where your customers can track their orders. You can also get live tracking updates on the Tracking Dashboard and monitor all your shipments from various integrated carriers.

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That's a pretty lame response from the company to be honest.

Something like this would not require a paid for 'expert', the answer is simply a line of code.

I myself am going through this change on my account page, I've been able to add a track column to the table and a link text, the main challenge is pulling the tracking number from within each individual order to add to the link (or just to present on screen).

A useful answer from Shopify would be the identification of what that could should look like in .liquid form, not simply, "PAY THIS PERSON".

Come on.

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Would I be able to get some help on this please? i am willing to put the code in myself. I simply want the tracking code to be present with the order so that the customer doesn't have to keep searching their email for it.... or at least hide the number with a label that says "track order".

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You can access the tracking code by accessing the fulfillment object's tracking_number.

The final code would be something like this:



{% for line_item in order.line_items %}
  {% if line_item.fulfillment.tracking_number %}
    <p>Tracking code: #{{ line_item.fulfillment.tracking_number}}</p>
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}