Adding 2 more images to 800+ products?

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I'm wanting to add 2 images to a lot of products. I know about bulk import using CSV. How do you copy and paste several hundred handles into 3 seperate rows with the URL links to the other images? If there's a shortcut can someone please share?

Can I create an different column and name it "Image Src 2" and "Image Src 3"? That would be a lot easier.

Is there an APP that will do this in bulk?


Any help would be appreciated

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, Anthony!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :). 

Using the product CSV will definitely work but as you mentioned it could take a while getting all the images in there, you also wouldn't be able to make changes to the format of the CSV. The file needs to be a certain way or our system will have trouble reading it. You could try using Image Manager which should allow you to upload a number of images and then drag and drop them into a number of different products.

Hope that helps  :)


For anyone who is facing a similar problem of uploading the same images to a lot of products.. 

Bulk importing via CSV takes a long time.. I have an easier solution. 

Instead, you can upload images to a collection with Dropzone. By adding images to a collection, it automatically gets added to all products in the collection.

So, if you have a collection that has 500 products, and you added two images - the two images would be added to all the 500 products.

More info here :

If you want to test this with more products than the 10 allowed on the free trial, just send me an email to and I'll set you up.