Adding Bin code to .csv product export file?

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Hi all,

My warehouse would like me to use their ERP but the cost is way to high for my starting business. They tell me that in order to be able to fulfill the orders they need to have bin codes included on the Shopify order export.

Is there an easy-not-too-technical way to edit the admin back office product page to include extra information and then export it through the order export?

Thanks a million!

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The following procedure can be used to save the setting values and measurement result list components of the BIN sorting setup table of the E4982A on a storage device in the CSV format (.csv) and also you need the Bin codes.

  1. Set the E4982A to show the BIN sorting setup display that you want to save.
  2. Press Data Export > Export All Bin Tables
  3. The setup table Save As dialog box is displayed. (or Press Stim Table > Select Comparator Tab > All Table > Export All Setup Tables
  4. Enter the filename in the File name box.
  5. Click on the Save button to save the BIN sorting setup table.

Example of Saved BIN Sorting Setup Table Data (CSV format)
The saved CSV-format data is a text file. This file can be opened using a text editor such as Notepad application. Figure below shows an example of the setup table data in CSV-format. The CSV-format data can be displayed with a formatted style in a spreadsheet application. Figure below shows the CSV data displayed in Microsoft Excel.

Recalling the setting
You can recall the setting.

  1. Click All Table > Import All BIN Tables....
  2. Open dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select the desired file.