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Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to add more customer fields to the account page without using a third party app like Customr. I run a small winery and I'm just looking for a way to customers to store their wineclub preference in their account section after being logged in. The app works fine but $14 a month for some extra saved form fields is crazy. Please let me know if anyone has a work around. I'm comfortable with writing my own code just not sure if this is even possible with Shopify. See screenshots of what I'm looking for.

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Hey, Cory. 

Leon here from Shopify.

Adding fields to your customer registration page without the use of an app is possible using the order notes liquid tags as shown in this help guide. This will add registration options for your customers, however, they will not be shown once your customer has logged in.  Since there is no way to add fields to the Shopify admin the selections made by customers will be shown in the account notes field, rather than being managed by the app. 

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Here's an insightful thread that explains at length why an app is required to save data to a customer account in Shopify... as the post explains "If not a ready-made one... then a custom made one."

There's a lot to consider about how you handle the data after you collect it... said another way: What are you going to do with the data?

Collecting data is step one. Organizing customer data and integrating with other business tools is where the real value of an app comes into play. Customer Fields offers a wholistic approach to collecting, organizing, and integrating customer data. You'll find that discovering the right data about your customer (unique for every business) and putting it to work for you is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the long-term success of your business.

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