Adding H1, H2 tags for seo

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Hi all

I highlighted a line of text and click Heading 1 from the dropdown. Then I highlighted a paragraph and clicked on H2.

I think click on the html arrow to make sure it works, and the tags are not there.


<strong>Stunning princess wedding dress.</strong> <br>Fully hand beaded top, with layered tulle skirt. Sweetheart neckline and satin sash. Cinches you in at the waist and is very supportive on the bust.


Any ideas? thank you, Katie 

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Yeah the text editor in Shopify admin is a bit flakey. Get used to editing source code until it gets improved unfortunately.

Personally for long blog-like content what I do is:

  • Get it written in Word/Gdocs or wherever. 
  • Then run it through a html format stripper/cleaner like this:
  • Then paste class-free, unformatted, 'naked' HTML into the source field of the text editor. 

Most of the time though, I use the description field pretty simply. My preference is to  prefer to extend out PDP's with the H1 being the title and H2 being custom content section titles. 

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