Adding Large Amounts Of Conditions To Collections In Bulk?

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I am trying to create a collection that uses a very large amount of "Product Tag - Is Equal To" type conditions.  

We sell Jeep parts and I'm using the Power Tools app to create filter categories to narrow down the year and model into a larger collection but I need to pull in many tags to do this.  For example I want to build a category for 2007-2006 Jeep Wrangler JK.  There are thousands of product that would fit this and some tagged with that while most are only tagged by the certain year and features it will fit like "07-15 Wrangler JK w/ 241 Transfer Case" or "2007-2007 Wrangler JK Dana 35 Axle".  This way I could have the main category by vehicle then narrow it down with filters by individual tags.  But first I need to get them all in the collection.

The simplest thing would be some way of saying "tag contains - JK" instead of "Tag Is Equal To" but that isn't an option.  Does anyone know of a way to add these conditions in bulk rather than one by one?


Herb Coulter, President Rock Solid Off-Road
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Hi Herb, 

          Couple options for you here actually, have you tried using "Product Title contains - JK" Instead of tags? That could be a way to get around it for model specific products. Now, as to bulk actions, that is something that can absolutely be done! From your admin > products you can filter your products and select the whole page then under bulk actions select "Add tags" here's a visual of what I'm talking about along with a step by step guide! :)


Hope that helps!


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Coming in a bit late to the party but you can use our app Advanced Collections -


With it, you can create collections for conditions like tag contains / starts with etc, and it is basically a manual Shopify collection that the app auto-syncs when you add / update a product to your shop