Adding Metafields to New Order eMail

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I am a volunteer helping  to set up a virtual art sale for the New Hanover County (NC) Arboretum. Usually the sale is a three-day in-person event at the Arboretum. However, this year because of Covid 19 we had to cancel the live event. Instead we decided to create an online sale. For the past five years we have used a wonderful backend artist registration and inventory management system  called MySaleManager (MSM). The MSM owner/developer revamped the system to create an upload to Shopify with key information about the art items (title, image, type of art, price, etc.) MSM typically is used for consignor sales and as such the CSV upload to Shopify only contains the consigner (artist) numeric ID. For example, John Smith has a consignor ID of 122. "122" is what is uploaded to Shopify. Because the event, Art in the Arboretum, is virtual, no art inventory will be available on the Arboretum's grounds. We will rely on the artists (approximately 100) to make arrangements for pickup or delivery. 

I was able to modify the New Order confirmation email to include the consigner ID. From that we could look up the ID and the artist name and email address and then forward the confirmation. I had hoped to use metafields to add the actual artist name and email to the confirmation email. I spent nearly a day trying various ways to output the metafields in the email. Nothing worked. Today I sent an email to the developers at Metafields Guru. They told me that the line_item.product object used in the CART and confirmation email has no knowledge of metafields added to the main Shopify product object. They suggest using custom fields, but we need the information on the new order confirmation and the buyer typically has no knowledge of the artist name or email. Many thanks. Larry Sackett

I'd be really pleased if someone in the Shopify Community could tell me if and how there is a way to add the artist name and email address to the New Order confirmation email.