Adding Tags, IOS vs. Android differences

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I'm not sure if this is how a feature is deployed, or if it is a configuration setting so I thought I would start here.

When we are adding tags to a product the behaviour is quite different depending on whether you are doing it through an IOS device or an Android device.  There are two main differences

1. When Viewing all Tags, IOS will show you a scrollable list of the tags where as Android will show you the first X number of tags with no ability to scroll.  X seems to depend on the screen size of the device. We have around 180 tags (Thrift shop with a lot of different departments and products)

2. When you start entering a tag, a list of suggested tags starts appearing.  On IOS it is every tag that CONTAINS the text you have entered where as on Android it is every tag that STARTS WITH the text you have entered.

We have folks adding product on both types of devices and this is annoying from a training perspective.  

Interested if anyone has seen this and has a resolution or if I need to contact support