Adding a 'New Arrivals' Collection

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I've seen this topic come up a couple of times, but the answers are not always very clear and as its been a while I wondered if there had been any changes.

I want to create an automated 'New Arrivals' collection. I've seen that this can be done by editing your collection liquid code. I'm confident to tweek these a bit, but worried about changing all of my collections. 

What I want is for one single collection to be set on automation to show the newest item first, this is not a problem. But then for this one collection to either stop showing items after X date, when the collection has reached a certain number of products, or to be one page long only.

Can anybody help me with this?

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Hey @mcgowanco!

Have you thought about using Parabola for this?

You can set up a flow that looks for new inventory and automatically pushes it to your New Arrivals collection at whatever interval you choose: daily, hourly, etc. The same flow can also remove old items or limit the number of products in the collection.

Let me know if you need help getting started!



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If you are okay with using an app, you can try Advanced Collections - - you can create a collection based on products created, updated or published within X number of days, and the app will sync it every hour or so. There is a 7 days free trial period too. Hope this helps.

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For anyone still looking for a solution for this problem, we recently created an app that automatically adds products to a "new arrivals" collection and remove them after X days.

You can try it out for free:

No coding required.

Also, feel free to message me in private if there's any questions.

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I've recently created this New Arrivals app that perfectly fits your requirement. It can automatically tag and untag products based on creation or publishing date. You can set up a concrete period of time the products should be considered to be "new". It will automatically remove the tag after a specified period of time.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Reach me out via the support email you can find on the app page if you have any questions.

I'm happy to help you to set up an automated tag-based new arrivals collection if have any issues with that.

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