Adding a picture to my HTML code!? HELP!

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Hello everyone!

I have made custom icons, such as a cart and currency icons. I need to know how to turn this into a piece of code, and where I should replace the code.


I also need to know how to add a unique bar in custom positions on the homepage, mostly for the header space. (full width if possible) 

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happy to help you


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Those are very specific questions, but using HTML you can display an image like this:

<img src="" />

You probably want the image to be a link, so it'll look something like this:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

I suggest you read up on HTML basics a little more and you'll have an easier time adding these elements :-) 

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You can display as much as images in the product description

First, please upload images using shopify File Manager

Dash Board > Settings >Files

if you upload images into File Manager, you can collect link

Please update with HTML code <img src=""> and add in your product description

Then it will display in your frontend




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If you want to add image code, just this one

<img src="" />

But in my opinion, you should look for HTML documents for further study because there are many more good ones out there

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