Adding a product that's not for sale?

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Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts re. this...

I have a Shopify store selling artist prints.

Some of these artists also design printed fabrics for a sister company.

What I'd love to do is add a product for the relevant artists which shows the fabric (with a link to the other website).

I guess I could just make a product with a zero-cost (I don't know if that's possible) but I just wondered if there was a neater way?

The type of page I'd like to add this (sort-of) product to is:

So this artist would have another 'product' which just highlighted the existence of his fabric over on my other (non-Shopify) website.

Hope I'm explaining this OK!




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Hi Simon,

I would use a special tag for these 'not for sale' products.

In product.liquid, I would look for the tag, and if it is present would not output an add to cart form at all, nor any price. I would just show the product other details.

{% if product.tags contains 'not for sale' %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}

Alternatively, you can create an alternate product.liquid template for these products.

Caroline from ∴ mllegeorgesand AT gmail DOT com