Adding a product video along with a products images (Not Youtube,vimeo alt text embed code)

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Hello Guys,

I want to add a product video  along with a products images but not a YouTube embed code 

The ways that i have tried are:

1. Embed YouTube video into a description box.

2.Embed YouTube video along with products images.

3.Upload video into files of less than 20mb in size and add that video html in description box.

4.  Add embed code of YouTube video into images alt text.

but i am not happy or satisfied with this ways

 i don't want a embed code or a youtube factor to upload any video .As we upload Product images from our computer library  is there any way or theme(paid theme) that allow you  to upload video from computer library directly.

Please help me with customisation way not an app if u are suggesting app please suggest with a strong reason

Please Reply

Thank You

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @Amitjaiswal 

There are a number of paid (such as Empire) and free (such as Debut) themes that allow you to upload product videos to a product, in the same field where you upload product photos. In the theme store, you can filter out themes that allow product videos...



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Thank You  for your response and solution its really working on debut theme i accepted this as a solution thank you so much @MelsMojoBob 

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