Adding an extra form field to the create account page

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I am trying to add another field to capture information on the signup page.

Code looks correct, but it is not displaying on 

I used:


 <div class="Form__Item">
		 <input type="text" class="Form__Input" id="Referral" name="customer[note][Referral]" placeholder="How did you hear about us?" required="required">
    	  <label class="Form__FloatingLabel">How did you hear about us?</label>



I would appreciate your help. 

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Hi @sebm,

The custom code you provided should work to add the referral data into the Customer Note in Shopify, so you're on the right path!

I checked the source code of the page you specified and I could not find any reference for a "How did you hear about us?" field. It looks like this store is using the Prestige theme, so you should be able to find the theme's standard registration form in the Shopify code editor under Templates > customers/register.liquid. Where exactly you place the custom code depends on where on the form you want this field to be displayed, but as long as it's within the form tags it should work. Here's a tutorial from Shopify with some more details:

If you're still having issues, feel free to share a copy of the entire code for the customers/register.liquid template on this thread so we can take a deeper look.


P.S. - If you are not comfortable editing code you may want to try out our Customer Fields app -- just some food for thought!

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