Adding categories, subcategories and products

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Hi everyone,

We're using the "New Radiance" theme since it's one of the themes which supports the creation of subcategories. Below is the link that Tweaky sent us, but it doesn't entirely answer our question and I'm still not sure if what we want to do is possible. I've also replied to Tweaky to see what they say.

So here is the problem. The way Shopify is telling us to do it here is put the main categorie as one of the main menu picks and from there you can see the subcategorie options. We sell car parts so clients on our website and what we wanted to do is the following.

1) Home page have a drop down menu to allow customers to choose the YEAR - MAKE - MODEL of their vehicle. So you would have three drop down choices. 

2) Once their choice is made, they would be taking to a product page where they can choose which product they want to look at SUSPENSION - ENGINE - INTERIOR - EXTERIOR these could either be presented as a drop down menu or just as a clickable link. The link would make the page look less plain and would be the way to go.

3) Once the client clicks the categorie they can then see the parts that relate to their vehicle. 

Is this possible? As anyone done it? Does anyone have any information or help they can provide?



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Hi David, did you find a solution for this? We too sell car parts and are struggling. Thanks, Shannon