Adding credit card surcharge to orders

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Add a fully compliant surcharge solution to your Shopify card with a SurchX Shopify extension.

SurchX seamlessly integrates into your Shopify cart.

Compliant with all 50 states and 10 territories, all 6 regulatory agencies.

Automatically calculates accurate credit card surcharge fees from all cards and adds them.

Available for WOO and other carts.


Go to; or call Andrew at Surchx in Phoenix, AZ at (602) 374-1600


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the problem with adding 3% (as an example) to the product cost is you must shopify will still charge you 3% of that total amount. 
let me explain 


if you have a product and its $100 bucks

the advice im seeing here is to add 3% and charge the customer $103

the problem is shopify will now charge 3% on 103 bring the total you need to collect from the customer $106.09 to cover all costs

You can never pass the transaction fee on to the customer  it just keeps adding up and it is a major problem there should be a check box on each product or product variant to either pay the transaction fee of pass it onto the customer so shoify could ad it to the cart and collect it directly from the customer.