Adding insurance to the shopping cart

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Also looking for this.  USPS 1st Class packages are not insured.  It costs $2.25 to insure (up to I think 49.00 value)  Customers want the cheapest shipping possible, however, they're not taking into consideration that does not include insurance.   Unfortunately with what's happening with USPS right now, 1st class packages are sitting in limbo or being lost.  The customer does not blame USPS, they blame the merchant.   Merchants that sell light weight, inexpensive items cannot cover this insurance on their own.   If the customer pays 4.00 for shipping and the insurance is an extra 2.25  that's 6.25  If you're selling an $8.-10.  you can pretty much bet that there's not enough profit to cover the insurance.

We should be able to add an option of 1st class  - not insured  and 1st class - insured    With some type of caption letting them know that if they choose uninsured, the merchant is not liable after the item has been shipped.

Or just an option to purchase insurance on this package   (now mind you - priority mail and ups are already insured by default - at least if you use or some form of commercial shipping app)
So this at this time is only necessary for first class packages.

Prior to Covid and the forced restructure of USPS this was really not an issue. However, with both of these in play, it is now totally necessary.   As the curbside (local) pick up was added quickly due to covid, I think this should be put in place as well.

Shopify?  What do you think?  Can we have this please. 

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Has there been any more feedback on this subject, I also have a client wanting to add a 1.5% insurance cover on cart cost. Did anyone find a solution as yet?