Adding meta tags with Bulk Editor or with templates

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Hello all!

I'm relatively green when it comes to messing around with my shops' liquid but I am learning and like to get my hands dirty.

Our shop builds custom video game controllers, so we have an infinite number of products being created for the controllers and on occasion we need to make changes or alterations. For context, we currently have approx. 16,000+ custom products in our store. Thankfully, we do have an app that deletes *most* of our custom products after they are out-of-stock for 90 days. The large problem we have however is that the custom products that we create for these changes and alterations are still visible to search engines and our store search. On occasion, search engines will also still display products that have been long since deleted. 

From looking at previous posts and resources, I understand that to solve our current problem I need to add the noindex and nofollow meta tags to these custom products so that they are no longer visible:

Currently, the only method I know to create/edit metafields (without paying for an app) is via the Shopify Bulk Editor URL method that is discussed here: & 

I unfortunately haven't been able to find any resources to help me bridge the gap between what I need to do and how I go about doing it. 

By knowing the correct namespace and key (seo, hidden), I believe that I need to use "/admin/bulk?resource_name=Product&edit=metafields.seo.hidden" to create the metafields for the noindex and nofollow meta tags to be added. At this point, I think I am supposed to type in "noindex, nofollow" within the "hidden" metafield to generate the meta tags I am needing.

Is this the correct way to go about adding these? 

Alternatively, is there a way to create a product.liquid template that could add this information automatically rather than updating the products after they have already been created? 

Ideally, I am hoping that if a special template could be selected when creating these custom products, then I will not have to take the time to update all of our custom products 50 at a time. 

Thank you very much for your help!