Additional Checkout Buttons Don't Appear In Cart Page

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The additional express checkout buttons do g not appear in my cart page (Paypal express, google pay, apple pay). I tried to look in many other discussions and done

everything suggested in these discussions.  The right code appears in the cart.liquid file (photo attached), I verified that "accounts required" section in the checkout settings 

is on optional and also that my payments are properly connected (I have paypal express, google,apple and shopify pay). 

I am using the Cascade theme.

Anyone has an idea why this might be happening? Can it be related to delivery calculations or something like that? (we set the delivery fee on all orders below 50ָ€ and shipping 

available only to Germany)

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I think there are some point you can do now to check:

+ Checking if the setting dynamic buttons is disabled from admin or not (on Theme settings or in settings of Cart section)

+ I think some payment method only show on specific device. eg: Apple pay only show on Apple devices... Let's try to test it with your phone or tablet.

+ Last thing to do is hire a developer to check it or contact with Shopify support team.

Shopify document for dynamic checkout buttons

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