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Hi,I am having a problem with the additional product pages from my collections. It takes a long time for the first product page to load and the second times out completely. The whole site is running really slow. My site is

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After running a few tests, I am curious if this may have something to do with your connection and/or platform and here's why.


On my local machine, I was able to navigate around a few pages without any issues (you could add a feature like infinite scrolling here).


I did notice a few issues with image compression and lazy loading, improving these areas will help your site speed:Annotation 2020-06-03 120817.png


For image compression, I recommend using an app like Crush Pics.

For lazy loading, there's a how-to guide for that here:


Another thing I noticed with speed was with the chat app, it takes over a second to load but on the other hand doesn't block other assets on your page from loading (from what I can see it loads toward the very end even after other app content, plus your page content looks pretty slim since under 2mb is optimal for mobile devices so it's good to keep using):Annotation 2020-06-03 121435.png


You can view the results here:


Another item to note is that you have 25~28 scripts running on the pages I tested, some of these contain 60% or more unused content. You might also consider trimming down some of those scripts if you don't need them to execute on every page.

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