Adjust product "created_at" date for collection sorting

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I'm looking to adjust the creation date of my products, as it appears that this is how Shopify organizes by date in its collections (see snippets/collection-sorting.liquid):

<option value="created-descending">{{ 'collections.sorting.date_descending' | t }}</option>
<option value="created-ascending">{{ 'collections.sorting.date_ascending' | t }}</option>

I didn't upload my products to shopify in the order that I created them, and I would like users to have this functionality available to them as a product browsing option. I tried adjusting the published date, but this doesnt affect the collection sorting.

When I append.json to end of my product admin url, i.e. https://[storename][product_id].json I can see the created at field along with all the other metadata, i.e. "created_at":"2016-02-26T09:04:47-08:00"

All I would need to do is be able to edit that field and I'm pretty sure that would solve my problem. Does anyone have any idea how to do that??

Your help is much appreciated!


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In my opinion it is impossible to alter a product's created_at date. It would be chaos if a field like that was changeable. You can instead change the updated_at field to change dates to something other than the created_at date. But I doubt sorting is hooked up to that. 

Shopify is missing this type of sort in the administration too I believe. I have had merchants ask me to build them a presentation of their products based on created_at dates for internal use since that does not currently exist.

For collection sorting you can manually place products in an order too. So that might be your best bet. Start with a collection in nearly perfect order, and then manually re-arrange the few products out of sync, and present that sort order to customers. 


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the easiest way would be to duplicate the product that you want to change it's date then delete the old one

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I am having the same issue! I cannot find a way to edit the create date on a whole 400+ products imported from godaddy! All came in to be created at the same time .. These ar 4 years worth  of inventory. 


I was debating republishing all sequentially as I have them tagged by seasons in collections. so republish one collection at a time, This will change the published date though and not the creation date. 


If not, if I duplicate one seasonal set of products at a time , sequentially for all seasons starting with the oldest to the newest, will the new duplicates sort the right way?? If so this could be a workaround, But will the duplicates have 100% what I need for each product it duplicated or do I need to manually modify the pictures, urls, tags etc,, 



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Close to launching our Plus store and run into this -- its a serious issue for us, so any advice on working solutions much appreciated, as know Shopify are unlikely to fix this!