Adjusting Checkout code to Prioritise a Certain Shipping Profile

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Hi everyone,

Just wandering if anyone has any tips or if there is an expert that can help us our here. I have created a job that has been sent to experts, but have had no luck so far.


We have 2 shipping rates on our website: General Shipping Rates and Custom Shipping Rates for different products.
If someone adds a product from each shipping rate into their cart, it only shows the general shipping rate. I want it to show only the custom shipping rate. I'm told this is because Shopify will prioritise and show the Lower $ Value shipping rate. I want to customise the checkout to make sure that if someone adds products from both shipping profiles, it will only show our Custom Shipping Rate.

How do I prioritise the Custom Shipping profiles only being shown in this case?


Let me know if anyone knows anything about solving this.