Advice on how to set up product archiving

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I'm hoping to archive some products that are currently out of stock and won't becoming back into stock in the near future - I don't want to delete the products, just archive them until they come back into stock.


Can anybody help?


Many thanks 


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Hi, @MarkE1!


Ash here from the Shopify team. 


Welcome to the Shopify Community! I’m happy to answer your questions on product archiving. 


It’s a great idea to not delete a product fully from your store if you expect it to come back for sale eventually. While there is no “archive” option for products, you can essentially archive products by hiding them from your live sales channels. If you turn a product's visibility off, then no one will be able to see the product on your store. However, the product will remain on the back-end for you to manage. When viewing a product in your admin, the “product availability” section can be used to manage which sales channels the product is visible on. If all are de-selected, then the product will not be visible to any customers. Here’s a screenshot to show where the “product availability” can be 





We also have a great help document here that shows how to make products available on sales channels. You can reverse this process to hide ones of choice. 


If you need to hide multiple products, and prefer not to go through each product one at a time, the bulk product editor allows changes to be made in bulk to products, including changes to product availability. Here is some more information on how to use the bulk product editor


What kinds of products are you selling that are typically going out of stock? I’d love to hear some more about your business and your best sellers. Let me know if you have any further questions or need any assistance hiding products from your live site. 

Ash | Social Care @ Shopify 
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The request to archive products has been going around for years and years.  

Why cannot it not be created? 

 I hide products from my sales channels but they are still on view to staff which makes inventory difficult at times. 

I dont want to delete these items as I will use the descriptives or they might come back in stock in months to come.  

If there is a work around for the back pages I will be interested to see it please?