Adwords Disapproved --- shopify Malicious or unwanted software

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This is what I got from GoogleAdwords 
As per your email, we checked your website, post investigation we can still see the malicious link which has been provided to you in previous email. As previously informed to you that you need to remove/fix all the malicious links from your website.
Link to unsafe domain:
In such case you can either contact shopify or some one who is expert in making or creating website i.e Web Developer. Kindly contact any one from these two to get help. As this is something only an expert can help.
My site is so basic it’s not worth paying a develop when the Shopify Tech team couldn’t work it out. They also seem to have made my product description blue from one of the fixes they did and I don’t have the energy left to dealt with that too.
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@helloballoons  The links you've posted do look like malicious code. Someone posted similar problem some time ago, for example here

Most probably added by some App. This article supports this.

However, I do not see them at your site right now, though the about us page is not there too.

Blue description looks like either misconfigured Smart tabs app, or bad behaviour from this app? Easy to fix though.



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