Affiliate Marketing with Shopify Store

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I have asked many drop shipper whether shopify allows to do affiliate marketing? I mean is there any glitch in doing affiliate marketing using shopify store section? 
Besides this is it possible to create some content to generate more organic traffic on the store? I think shopify is not compatible with Google Adsense of other advertisers. I have a website and i want to convert it to the shopify store.

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Hey there @ElleSpark ! I can help you out with this inquiry.

My first suggestion is to go through this Shopify blogpost that tackles the exact concept you're inquiring about. The short answer is yes, you can definitely set up and convert a store into a Shopify one and associate it with affiliate marketing.

I've checked your website and if you're following the exact same niche as you do now, you'll have a pretty much-unsaturated market with loads of potential to grow in the Affiliate marketing side of things.

With regards to your second question, I strongly suggest going through other paid traffic options like Facebook ads, Reddit ads, IG ads, and other means of 'organic leads' like social media posts, blogposts, and article creation amidst famous editorials and publications. If you do the due process of effort and hard work, you'll be able to establish a considerable sense of authority and respect in the niche of your choice.


After signing up on programs, you need to track your Google analytics to make sure you're gaining the necessary ROI to keep things balanced and working properly. I'd generally avoid Google adsense for now and just stick with finder better alternatives to get things up and running.

Hope this helps~