After checkout no thank you page i get 404 page

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Hi Shopify users,

Today it was my day after 2 month working in my new webshop to be online , Everything in payment testing mode was working perfect no issue. so I want to be the first  one pay something from my store to test the payment . After redirect to checkout page without any problem i add my address then to payment page i add all my credit card information in push the pay now button but than and only than i get 404 page no any thank you page . looking to my admin i did't get any order .BTW i check this in chrome, chrome canary , firefox and opera all give me the same result  no thank you page no order just 404 page. I did't edit any checkout page just the logo and some css in themes.scss that's all Can someone please please help me!!!!!!!

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You must have tampered with a thing or you didn't link your pages well. 

Click here to message me, let have some seeing into the store