Alarm Notification for new orders from Websites???

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Hey there...

Florist here with 2 shops that both have the POS . I'm wondering how we get notified of new web orders that need attention quickly?

Like we need something attention grabbing. Like a strobe pulse or alarm sound that doesn't  stop until a human acknowledges the order. 

Does anything like this exist? thank you.. I tried searching the App Store already...

Kirk in San Francisco

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Hey Kirk,

That's a great idea!

You could start in the following way:

- Get a Philipe Hue smart light, set it up so that you can control it using the Philips app

- Then, make an account on

- Make a task on IFTTT to make the Philipe Hue light blink when an order comes in through Shopify. You will have to connect your Hue light and Shopify store with IFTTT, but the steps should be straightforward. If IFTTT doesn't work at all for you, you can also try which is an alternative to IFTTT

- To stop the blinking, you could download the IFTTT app and setup an action there called "Stop Blinking" which would make the Philipe Hue light go back to a neutral color (or turn it off)

- I took a quick look at "IoT" (Internet of Things) buttons that could do the "disable blinking" task, but didn't find anything that wasn't too expensive or didn't require soldering/doing it yourself. Maybe others can chime in with suggestions.




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I just found the SwitchBot Remote which can be made to work with IFTTT if you also use a SwitchBot Hub Mini

I have no experience using these products, and it may be a bit of setup, but it would give you a physical button to turn off the "alarm"