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Hi there, 

I was wondering what the easiest way would be to discount all products in my store for a set time period?

We launch this weekend and I want to give 10% on all products.  I thought about a coupon that is applied automatically but I'd prefer the customer to see the discounted price. 

I thought about uploading the price changes in bulk via .csv but wondered if there is a better automated way so that I dont have to stay up until midnight both nights to changes things over. 

I'm sure there is an app but dont want to install something with code that could mess things up as ive spent a lot of time trying to get the site ready for launch this weekend. 

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@phattbelly I think the quickest way would be to put a banner/pop-up on the header page of your website telling the customers that everything is 10% off then applying an automatic discount of 10% on all carts for all products. 

But not sure how to do it so they each product shows a discounted price other than manually - I'm sure there would be a way though!