Amazon Channel - Inventory Changes Not Syncing from Shopify to Amazon

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Hi all,

There is already a thread on the fact that the Amazon API integration seems to be broken in terms of Shopify sending shipping confirmation/tracking information to Amazon for FBS orders fulfilled through Shopify:

For our store at least, we also noticed that inventory is not being synced with Shopify anymore despite all our products being set to "Use Shopify inventory settings". Is anyone else seeing this with their shop? Does anyone have any ideas for workarounds to prevent overselling product you don't have if Shopify is failing to keep the inventory up-to-date in Amazon?

I've reached out to Shopify support and they say their tech team is aware of issues but they don't have any ETA for a fix. 

I have hundreds of products and trying to manually manage inventory on Amazon seems intractable if not impossible short of disconnecting Amazon from Shopify and splitting my inventory across the two platfroms.

What a mess.