Amazon Style Product Variants in Single Listing

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My question has 2 parts.

1. I am looking for something (any plugin/app preferably) where we can display all the different variants with their Titles & Descriptions (Like Amazon) on our product pages. User can click on a variant and it goes to that product variant detail page with it's own description & images.


2. I also have seen another kind of workaround for this. An example can be seen on this link. . So is there any plugin/app which can accomplish this or something similar to this? Basically this is also linked to Question No. 1 but I am referring it here as a deep understanding.

Looking forward for any help in this regard.

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I don't know of any product options app that would work like your wanting, the majority on the app store create new variant fields/options for the customer to select options from. Looking at the example link you provide, the images look to be products from a collection for the case type. This would be fairly simple to add to a theme, you can reach out to your theme developer or a Shopify Expert for help adding this:

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A similar question as Hassa. My products have color variables. For example, 6 color variables per product. Each color has 7 photos. A long list of 42 photos of different colors doesn't look very neat. Any way to display only photos of 1 selected color variable (same as Amazon)? Using standard "Debut" theme.