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Hi everyone,

I have an Amazon account. and I had an order on Amazon 2 days ago. Now, I created a link between my Shopify Store and my Amazon Account. and then the order on Amazon appeared on Shopify Store automatically.

This is Amazon order, not a Shopify store order. So, the payment will be on Amazon or Shopify store? and If I create a shipping label for this order on Amazon, it will be fulfilled on Shopify store automatically.


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The payment will happen wherever the customer makes the purchase, sounds like Amazon in this case, so Shopify payments won't be involved.

For shipping / fulfillment it will depend on your setup. If you're fulfilling with FBA, then I recommend not importing the orders to Shopify. If you're fulfilling by FBM, then I would create the label off-amazon, since you're fulfilling off-Amazon.

If it helps, the setup I use is:

- Use Amazon FBA to fulfill items ordered from Amazon

- For items listed on Amazon that aren't FBA, import them via the app Codisto, then fulfill from Shopify using an app (EasyShip and Shippo are my 2 favs).

- For items ordered on Shopify, sync them with Amazon FBA so fulfillment / shipping happens automatically.

Here's the full setup:

I work with a lot of stores that sell on both Shopify + Amazon, there are a few different ways to organize the system, so the exact answer to your question depends on your setup, but that info I gave is based on the setup I use + the most common setup I see for stores that sell on both channels.


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