Amazon product listing no matching SKU

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I have been selling on Amazon for many years now. I'm now trying to start a Shopify store and want to link the products to sync the inventory.

However, with auto linking enabled, it shows "No matching SKUs were found between your Shopify and Amazon products. To link products, add the Amazon SKU to your Shopify products. This will not override any Shopify SKUs previously set." I have set the SKU exactly the same on Shopify and Amazon. I have even manually type in the SKU on Amazon (which is exactly the same as the one on Shopify) and it still does not link. Could anyone help with this issue? The Shopify help center on "Setting up the all-new Amazon sales channel" is not helpful at all.

Oh, I'm selling on marketplace and set up a Shopify Canada store with CAD as currency. The account is linked as orders on Amazon is pushed to Shopify.