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I made a One Page website with anchor links in the menu to redirect to different sections, my shop is on a separate page.

 I got 2 issue with my mobile menu.

1) On my phone when I click on the mobile icon, the menu appear then when I click on my anchor links, the mobile menu doesn't disappear automatically. I've to click on the exit button.

I wanted to know is it possible.

2) Always on mobile, when I click on my shop, I go the shop page and the mobile menu automatically disappear but when I want to click on another anchor link, it goes nowhere, I stay on the shop page.

Do you have a solution for me ?

Here is the link :

Thanks in advance


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1) Yes mobile menu will not disappear and to do this you have you trigger exit button on click of buttons which have # href. 
You can find on google how Jquery trigger works

2) For this you have to create another menu and call it for shop page.
Or if you set you menus href like this #taarger_id then change it to your-store_full-url#taarger_id



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Thanks for your answer, I find a solution to close the mobile sidebar on click so thank you !

But for the menu I tried to create a new menu for the shop but i can't attribute it to this page only. I try to have my Anchor Menu on the Home Page and the Shop Menu on the Page Shop but i can only have 1 header.

I also try to change the href by the full-url#taarger_id ( in my case  : ) but it no longer works on my HomePage with the Anchor links, it goes to nowhere/blank page.