Annoying UI when adding a product to an order

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When I need to add a product to an order, I click 'edit' then, under 'Add Product', I start typing in 'Search product to add'.  When I begin typing, another window pops up with the search.  However, the keyboard loses focus and I need to wait a few seconds until the window pops up, thinks for a moment, and then click in the new text field to begin typing.  Worse, if I forget to wait and continue typing, the keystrokes often go to some other place and can bring up different windows.

This is really annoying!  This sort of interaction happens in many of the various places where a window pops up to continue a search (for example, when searching for a collection when creating a discount code).  Is there any sort of workaround to this within my browser, or is this something that wound need to change on Shopify's end?