Any easy way to add one image to all products in one collection?

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Hi there,

I have thousands of products in each collection on my store.

I would like to know if there is an easy way to add one image to all products in entire collection?



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Shopify Staff
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Hi Picky,

Yasmin here from Shopify Support!

A great way to do this is by using a CSV file. You can export your products, add image links in a spreadsheet, then import them with the new information. Here's our guide on using CSV files:

These are the steps you would go through for your specific case:

  • Filter your products based on the collection you would like to edit. So for example if you have a collection with the condition "Product tag equals Dress", use the filter feature to find those products:

  • Click Export in the top right corner and choose to export your current search results
  • Open your CSV file in your spreadsheet software of choice
  • Follow these steps to add image links to your products:
  • Save your file and go back to the admin, select Import
  • Make sure to check the "override existing products" box when you import this new file, this will prevent you from creating duplicates of all products!

You can repeat these steps for each collection. Hope this helps! 

By the way I am moving this topic to our general Shopify Discussion forums, I think it's a better fit there :) 

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So you're suggesting to go into your entire csv file and add 1 row for each product, of which we have thousands?


This is a terribly time consuming way to do things.


There has to be a better way.

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Did you happen to find that better way? We often have the same issue and this CSV import is a bit rudimentary for this kind of product portfolio