Any problem with performance of Shopify site within China since last week?

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Dear All,

I need your help, because I am stuck with the following issue an neither Shopify nor the Chinese ISP seems to have a clou:

Since one year we have a site via shopify focusing on China and which is popular with Chinese people. The domain is and the is the related IP.

According to many customer, we have problems since Friday in more than a dozen of Chinese provinces. The site is no longer available, but in other provinces all is still fine. The domain is not the issue, because we changed it to another domain name, but the mix in China was the same. In some place in China it did work, in other place it did not work. All other countries were not impacted by the glitch or whatever is going on. China Telecom, the major ISP, said that there have not blocked anything, but maybe there firewall is blocking something from Shopify.

Shopify on the other hand has no hint whatsoever, although all points to them. According to the tracerout the "ping" gets lost somewhere in the US at

1) Does anyone has an idea how to fix this problem or what could be the reason?

2) Do other site operators focussing on China and working on shopify have similar issues (blackout) since Friday?

Please help me out, because we are in serious trouble businesswise without the site.


Udo / Fabian