Any way for two stores to share a front end (or other creative solutions)?

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Our company primarily runs a hobby website, and as part of the business, we run a Shopify online store (at a second domain) that we link to from our main website. We are now entering a partnership with a second company to sell other items through another Shopify store that will share branding with our main website. Everything about the second store on the back end is different—it is taxed in a different state, it does not share inventory or a warehouse, it needs separate reports from the fist store, etc.


However, from the user’s point of view, we have needlessly added a second store, branded similarly, with some similar items. It is confusing, and I’m sure it up hurts sales. What we’d really like to do is to have the two Shopify stores share a single Shopify online front end store, so that users could seamlessly add items from both stores to one cart, then check out, but on the back end, everything would still be split (taxes, reporting, etc). It seems pretty clear that that is not technically possible entirely inside the Shopify system, though. 

Does anyone know of any creative solutions that could solve this problem of showing the two stores as one to users? We’ve even considered using one or both shops entirely in headless mode, and building the combined store ourselves, but fore obvious reasons, we prefer to avoid that drastic step.