Any way to clean up the checkout screen?

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I'm setting up my new site and am hoping someone can help me sort this out. I'm using 'Custom Product Options' by W3 to give customers the flexibility to build a piece of art how they like: Size, substrate, mount, frame, etc. As part of this, I created a product that has all the size/substrate options as well as a product that has the mount/framing options. It's working, but when I test a checkout it's showing these administrative products along with the piece they are purchasing:


Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 11.06.31 AM.png


Is there a way to hide products in checkout? Combine products into one? Anything? It's not very clean and I suspect it may confuse people. If someone is buying 2-3+ pieces it's a huge mess.


I'm open to an app, paying someone etc if needed. 



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Hi Lylefk,


Unfortunately there's no way to update that sort of thing on the checkout page, so the only fix would be to find another app that creates the products differently (I'm not aware of any).

An alternative would be to have a developer do a lot of big customisation within your theme and organise how your products are set up. I have done something like this before for a client but it is a massive job and needs a lot of careful planning.


I'd be happy to discuss it with you some more if you like, or maybe someone else on here might be able to think of a better option.



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Hey @Lylefk,


We have a guide on how to edit checkout page on Shopify. I think it might be helpful to you.



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