Any way to customize payment logos on checkout page?

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This may be kind of a dumb question, or maybe not.

My store uses PayPal Website Payments Pro for both accepting PayPal and credit cards.  This is supposed to work (and actually does work) like a regular CC payment gateway, so if you pay by credit card, you never know you're paying through PayPal.  It's integrated that way in shopify and it works well.

The issue I'm having is that I guess because I've only selected PayPal and Google Checkout as payment methods in shopify (and *not* a payment gateway, since PayPal handles that), the checkout page makes it appear that these are the only two payment options.  They appear at the top with no explanation.  Below is the standard shipping/billing info form, but it looks like you have to pay with either PayPal or Google Checkout.

I never really noticed this before but I was browsing through my orders and I noticed that literally about 90% of our orders are paid with PayPal (from a PayPal account, not through a credit card, which shows up differently in shopify), another 5% through Google Checkout, and the remaining 5% or so with a straight credit card.

This *may* not be a real problem per se, because we do have kind of a young customer base who generally do have PayPal accounts, but we have had a few people email us confused about how they can pay, so I wonder how many orders we're losing because people think they need either a Google Checkout or PayPal account.

Is there any way I can change what appears at the top of the checkout page, so either there's a message about paying with a credit card, or some credit card logos or something?
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#gateway-logos {
	background: url(gr-credit-cards-2.png) no-repeat;
	height: 30px;
#gateway-logos a {
	display: none;

So you can hide them with with display:none or show some other graphic by editing the CSS in the file checkout.css which is located in your assets folder. (CSS example above)

You might be violating some terms, whether shopify's, google's or paypal's, by hiding them. Not sure about that. Others would know.

However, I say hide them.

It's really poor checkout design and I would put money down that having them there affects conversions negatively.

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I don't seem to have a checkout.css file either in my assets folder or my template folder.  Should I just create one?

Thanks for the help - it seems pretty straightforward if I actually have the css file.
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TokyoRebel - yes you'll need to create a checkout.css file since most themes don't come standard with one. Have a look around and you'll find a few sample ones you can pull from!

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