Any way to verify if a Shopify store is a real business?

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Hello, I'm trying to determine if this is a real business, or a scam:

Does anyone know if this is possible? I've emailed Shopify, and the store email itself, awaiting response, but am wondering if anyone else has experience in this way.



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It looks very sketchy. No street address, no name, no contact info (except email!).  There are zero hits for this business on google. I would not buy from there unless COD.

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Thanks, sent my mom the link, and she bought one almost immediately, before I was able to tell her to hold off until I try to verify. Guess we'll see either if the business is real, or if Shopify's fraud department can help :-].

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Got a generic "guru" response:

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for reaching out. Angela here the Shopify guru for today wishing you are having a blastful week!

I understand that as a customer you want to be make sure that you will be dealing with a legit company. As part ofShopify Privacy Policywe cannot confirm nor deny if a store is using a Shopify platform.

If you are planning to buy on any online store we strongly suggest to check on the about us of the store, if they have return policy and to check if they will be responding on the email / contact number on their contact us.

Thank you and have a great day!
Angela | Gur

It seems they're trying to setup some loopholes for themselves. This is an e-commerce platform, and they are suggesting they offer no protections or even authority over whether a probable store is fraudelent, though other staff members says they want to know if a store is fraudulent and will do everything they can to prevent those stores from being public:

The site cart and checkout are obviously based on Shopify, and the subdomain is from, and even the order confirmation comes from Shopify. Shopify should be held responsible for administering in these situations. Shopify should do its best to verify store legitimacy and protect both buyers and sellers, but it seems they're trying to dodge bullets. This is pretty irresponsible in my opinion.

With that said, and following the other staff members suggestions in the linked post, we'll wait to see if nothing comes, and then file a complaint. 




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Did she get her order? I lost my husband 6 months ago was trying to finish things he started ordered from them nothing yet 😪😪
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Sorry to hear that. My condolences to you.

She hasn't received anything, and I assume won't, but after 30 days you can open a dispute with Shopify to rectify it. Did you order from this same exact store, are you saying?


Here is the Shopify Guru email response I received about it:

May I just ask if you have tried contacting the store by replying to the shipping confirmation email? If not, it’s best to start there, depending on the shop, shipping can sometimes take up to 30 days so it is best to get in touch with the store directly for more details on their specific shipping policy.

In this case, if it's already over a month now, I will be needing you to send me some information like:

  • Order number

  • Amount of the order

  • When was the order placed

This will help me file a case to our business operations team so that they can do the needed work for the store.

If you have tried reaching out, and they haven’t gotten back to you in a timely manner, your next steps would be to file a complaint with your bank, disputing the charge. Your bank has built-in security measures to protect you and - if you have attempted to make contact with the merchant and haven’t heard back - the bank would be able to help you decide on next steps. Submitting such complaints will help because of two important reasons:
(a) they are the best resource at getting your money back and
(b) when you submit a complaint with the bank it will flag our team to do an internal review if the shop is on the Shopify Platform.

Shopify is the service that some shops use to build their website and shopping cart. We don’t ship or manage the stores’ inventory or orders. Each merchant’s shop is an independent business and they have the sole rights and responsibility for running their business (fulfilling orders, etc). We are simply the company that provide the coding behind their website.

We do hear from cardholders like you and - when necessary - our team will act on feedback that a shop isn’t operating as a business would be expected to operate.

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The first thing to do is contact your credit card company to dispute the charge - assuming you used a credit card for the transaction.  They will do a charge-back to credit your charge account.  I would then contact Shopify's customer service to complain and log a complaint through the BBB.  Keep on Shopify.  They will always say they can't confirm that the store is using their platform, but you can easily tell by right-clicking on the website's page to View Source.  If it's a Shopify-based store, the HTML will be peppered with Shopify links.  Also, file complaints with US consumer protection agencies and your states Attorneys General office.  I did all this for a site called  They eventually closed.  Hopefully the site that ripped you off will have the same results.


If you can't get your money back, you could potentially go after Shopify for it - although that may not be worth the effort.  A Pennsylvania court recently found Amazon liable for an Amazon seller using their platform.  Hopefully this is a wave of the future where platforms are held accountable for sellers.  After all, they are in business together and both profit from the fraudulent activity.


Shopify is clearly a bad player to allow this fraudulent activity on their platform.  They do little, as far as I can tell, to ensure they have real sellers.  The more complaints that are "visible" the more pressure this will place on companies like Shopify.  They need to be held accountable.