Any way to view total quantity of an item sold in a given time period?

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Hi Everyone,

It would be really useful to us to be able to pull up the total quantity of an item sold in a given time period, but I can't seem to find a way.  I've tried "Inventory History" on the item page, Sales Reports, even Stocky, but there seems to be no at-a-glance quantity-sold anywhere.  Am I missing it someplace?


The  best I've found (which is very time-consuming) is to manually add up quantities from the Inventory History screen.  (Why not have a total right on that screen that shows the number sold?)

I used the Sales by Product report, which I had to scroll through to hunt for the item amid our hundreds of items, since there's no Search feature, and when I found it, the number does not reflect actual sales.  It includes orders that were canceled as sales, so it over-reports.

Anyone have a simpler way to find total quantity sold (without using an app that costs as much as a Shopify plan)?



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Hi @Eleda_Towle ,

I think you can automate this with Mixtable. Sync your products/variants in one worksheet, then sync your orders/order line items in another worksheet. Finally, use the Excel SUMIF formula on the products' sheet to total up orders within any timeframe you want.