Anybody Else Have Shopify Plus?

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We've been on Shopify Plus now for over 6 months and so far it's been the worse decision I've personally made for my business. It sounded awesome when the sales person went over all of these benefits. I'll admit I was conned. Most of the features she calmed were available, we would find out weren't true. It will still cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars to make things happen, but they don't go over that part during the sales pitch. Every time I get on with support, they usually don't have any answers. They always have to escalate it. I'm talking simple questions, like about shipping and payment gateways. Now the average wait time is over an hour, just to speak to a "specialist." Most of the work flows I've tried to make happen, don't work. Again, support doesn't know why. I'm still waiting over a month for a specific answer for a question. Scripts has also been less than stellar. I'm curios if anybody else is having these issues?