Anyone else living in a nightmare with No ROI FB ADS, Over priced apps, chargebacks, the whole nine?

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It's all about mindset they say and I have been positive and steady spending over 8 hours each day optimizing and trying new strategies, and getting tricked by sellers on fiverr, and scammed by instagram influencers, ran over by apps such as Spocket, and tricked by people trying to help with a funnel. I've spent over $1200 on FB ads with a total of 21 conversions, horrifying , I know, in which 10 of those were fraud and refunded. Even worse, yes. Everyone wants to suck you bankrupt as they did to me , so beware friends for these problems in which i have failed miserably, I know im not the only one. It's hard to keep a good mindset when what I'm so passionate about and still have hope for has in turn so far been the BIGGEST waste of money and i can't even begin to think how much time i have invested in this. Although I'm broken, sad, near bankrupt, and feel hopeless, i WILL NOT GIVE UP. 

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Hi @Justin89 

Sorry to hear about all your troubles, & I hope things turn around for you!

Sounds like you're concentrating almost 100% on getting people to your site. All these "gurus" preach funnels and targeted advertising, etc. and I believe that you need that. But if you're getting traffic and no sales - have you looked at your site from the perspective of a potential customer (who comes in knowing nothing about your business)?

Are there any trust barriers? Is there anything about your site that would make you hesitate to buy if you were visiting your site for the first time?

Do you have any content to engage potential customers, gain their interest, trust, and eventually loyalty?

What is your brand? Why should I buy from YOU and not somewhere else?  -  Does your site make the answers to these questions clear?

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