Anyone else unable to get your company verified with Escrow.Com?

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I am trying to buy a small store from a guy and Shopify uses to do this.  They want you to send them several documents to prove who you are and that you are approved to speak for your own business.  I did everything I could to comply with their requests and they rejected everything I sent them.  Now I have had to cancel the transaction and have the money sent back to me.  I am just a little PO'ed right now and have no idea how to do this stuff.  Any help would be appreciated thanks

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Hi KC, 

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If a payment is sent from a different name than the one on your profile (individual or company) we need to verify the source of the funds before transferring them to the seller. This requirement comes from the US PATRIOT Act so we're required to make sure it's done for each transaction. In the cases where we can't verify the sender of the funds for whatever reason we return those funds and you can still fund the transaction from a source of funds in your name.


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