App Residual Code After Uninstallation -- Ever Caused Trouble for You?

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Hi folks, 


So we bumped into an issue on our store: We found that the residual codes left by a few apps after they were uninstalled, are now slowing down our page load speed. On top of that, some residual codes also had conflicts with our theme. I reached out to someone at Shopify and realized it might be a real pain for some:

Apparently, Shopify doesn't regulate this very well on the App Platform level: they only tell the 3rd party app developers to inform merchants about it, but don't have a specific requirement in place in term of "HOW'. We tried a few apps including the first party apps developed by Shopify, none of them do a good job of explicitly telling merchants: A) whether they will leave residual code after being uninstalled; B) If they will, what impact it has; C) how to remove them. 

For example:

This is the info we got from the Product Reviews app developed by Shopify. We double checked with Shopify support team, if we uninstall this app, we will then need to remove all these codes manually. But they don't tell you that explicitly. 

And the effects of residual codes left by apps could be:
- Unnecessary billing charges
- Conflict with theme 
- Slow down page load speed

And the current solution to fix this? We were told by Shopify that we would have to track all the apps we tried and uninstalled and reach out to every single one of them asking for a check / fix. We assume a typical growing store at early stage would have probably tried 20-30 apps? So removing residual code alone can be a full time job! Not some thing we can afford at the moment. 

We simply want to share this in this community to see if anyone else has had issues with this. If it's truely affecting many, perhaps we should protest and have Shopify optimize their platform policies? Thanks!

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You are not alone.


The solution should not be getting back to the App Developers one by one and asking them to scan my website. 


We started off the store with piloting many different apps - lots of installation & uninstallation. Over time, our team found out that our page speed is getting slower. The root cause is the same - the code leftover from deleted Apps. I believe for most of the small and medium businesses will do the same thing, someone please help on this issue.


You can leverage this tool to better understand the speed of your page - Google Page Speed Analyzer:

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Most app developers should create a clean duplicate of the theme before they install the app so the store can easily revert to that copy if they decide to stop using the app. You can always reach out to the app developer to get them to remove the code. Some apps like Bold tend to make major changes to the theme when installing their app, I would always make a duplicate of the theme before installing any app in case it conflicts with another app or doesn't work as expected. If the theme developer or Shopify isn't able to help you remove the code, you can reach out to a Shopify Expert:

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There should be no extra billing charges.  If an app is uninstalled, there is no more billing (unless you already started a new month with the apps charges).  Most apps if built right will just stop working when you uninstall the app (but code left behind can cause issues as you have noticed).  You can check the billing cycle of your apps on your invoice.  


As @MeganD_94 said, a Developer can help you get your theme cleaned up.


The Downside to making a fresh copy of each theme by app devs for easy replacement, is that if you have other apps installed or custom code, this would wipe it which I think is why they do not do it.

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The challenge though is that getting a developer to help out or reaching out to the app dev can become quite a workload after 15-20 apps. 

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This is Song Fei from Giraffly company which develops apps for Shopify. The problem you met is a pain spot of Shopify app develop. We are a professional team for developing Shopify app, but we still take a lot of time to learn Shopify develop documents. I'm proud to say we don't have this problem now.


I guess the best thing you can do is still contact those app developers. They are much more familiar with the codes than you do. And just FYI, if you still want to boost your page speed after you fix those codes issues, you can try our app  Page Speed Boost


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Same problem here, I don't get why there is no obligation for app developers, this is just hell. T E R R I B L E

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Avada, Booster, bitespeed all these apps left a bunch of files and chunk of codes behind after deleting. It's a real pain to clean up.  I am very new in this shopify platform and I didn't have any idea what's going on in the backend; still I don't know anything very well. After I deleted an app I thought it was gone forever; actually those left me in trouble. Over time I noticed my site is loading slower. sometimes page broken, nothing is responding at all, images are dancing somewhere else. I deleted a lot of codes from theme.liquid files such as: {% include 'bitespeed-analytics' %}{% include 'social-meta-tags' %}; {% include 'booster-seo' %}, something like that, I can't remember exactly. Sometimes before ending head tag, sometimes after opening body tag, just before closing body tag everywhere! Avada left 9 template and snippet files for me to clean up.  Those craps are pretty much all over the places. If you peep into any directory, you will find those- from Layout to Snippet, Asset to Section, Template everywhere. It's really disappointing, painful and not expected. Good luck for those who are in this hell. 

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I've noticed similar issues on our site. One that slowed our site down horribly was BOLD Apps, which left a huge min.js linked. Easy enough to fix if you know what you're doing, but there are plenty who don't, and that's why they use Shopify.

While checking our site recently I also noticed a linked issue, which is apps that include the same library more than once. We had the same Loyalty Lion library loading twice on every page, without knowing about it.

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My theme is so messed up after uninstalling Bold discounts. All my collections are displaying with holes/spaces in the products and looks terrible. Can anyone help me to locate the code I need to delete? Thank you so much!