App Store Feature Request

Shopify Partner
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Since I first became a Partner in 2014, there is one feature that I have been waiting for. Maybe it exists and I am missing it...because it seems so obviously needed. I feel this would be of great benefit to merchants, partners, and app developers: A "lightbox," "wish list," or "collection-save" in the App Store, for apps that are not currently installed in your store, but that you may wish to consider using in the future. This could work like a light-box feature on a stock-photo site (or like a wish list on an e-commerce website!). Then, instead of "checkout" to buy something, you would "install," and either have the option to "save," or "delete" other the items in your wishlist. Or even a way to "bookmark" apps I'm interested in, but am not yet ready to install.

The feature could be shareable across all users of a Store, or a user could elect to keep their "lightboxes" or "app collections" private. Sharable "app lightboxes" would make it easy for site developers / designers / merchants to make suggestions for app installations.

This would be a convenient way to remember what apps I previously viewed and be able to compare one app with another, without forgetting the names of those I had read about at an earlier date. Currently, I make lists "on paper," only to later lose my lists!

I can't begin to count how many times I've looked in the App Store for an app for a particular function, only to discover that I found another that I may want to use at a later date and then , I can't remember the name of that app. Or often I just want to quickly scan a few apps and read about them later, so a "reading list" feature within the App Store would be so helpful! Please consider this. Thank you!