App for merging orders from a specific date (pickup date).

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Hi all,

I am working on a small shop for my client. This shop is pickup only and all products (lunch) are from external suppliers (vendors). I have two apps installed for this store: Store Pickup + Delivery and Simple Purchase Orders.

Store Pickup + Delivery is for choosing a pickup date at checkout. Simple Purchase Orders is for splitting up the orders for the different suppliers.

My question: Is there an app for merging orders?

My use case: client A orders a sandwich and a soup for a specific date, and client B orders the same or something else for the same date. Can these orders be merged or something so i (my suppliers) have an overview of what to prepare for this specific date.

So the sandwiches supplier gets it in like this: 3 X chicken sandwich, 2 X pathé sandwich

The soups supplier get it in like this: 4 X noodles soup, 2 X tomato-soup


Does anyone know if there is a an app that can do this? Or is this somehow possible in Shopify?


Many thanks in advance!

Kim Boender.